Chapter two: The King's Rescue.

Concept Chapter Two

In the year 1356 appalling wars were destroying those lands. The kings-to-be Antillius and Carnagus harshly struggled one against the other, but the former, eventually, won. Yet, before dying, Carnagus made an agreement with the evil powers that granted him eternal life in exchange for absolute loyalty. The agreement was made with the mighty Azrael. The lord of the night transformed Carnagus into a wicked and soulless creature without feelings. To get, therefore, endless life, Carnagus became Azrael’s servant, and he swore revenge towards Antillius, who, however, did not properly weigh Carnagus’s vow.

But Antillius was wrong. He did not know yet that they were both destined to be the two most powerful kings of England. …Once entered the prison, Daeniel and his soldiers started looking for the people of Kaledon. Their intention was to free, first of all, the already tired king, and then the subjects. They found, indeed, Antillius, but to their surprise he was now very feeble, ill-treated, dirty and undernourished. The good king immediately recognized his soldiers, and a dim glimpse of hope, the same hope that one year before had disappeared, suddenly, illuminated his face. Without being noticed, Daeniel brought Antillius out of the prison, while the other soldiers were freeing the subjects, who had survived.

Unfortunately, the survivors were very few, since they did not enjoy the same treatment, which was guaranteed to Antillius, that is a daily meal and a cell just for him. The subjects were abandoned to their doom. Eventually, half of all the prisoners were rescued. Carnagus’s unspeakable cruelty was immeasurable: the vultures devoured the rotten corpses of the dead people. It was, however, too late when the soldiers of Carnagus noticed that all the prisoners had fled. The people of Kaledon were already approaching home. Once Carnagus himself knew of Antillius’s escape, he became furious, and he summoned Azrael’s spirit to help him.

The spirit generated from the belly an evil creature, conceived to chase after Antillius and to get him back. The evil creature, indeed, immediately caught up with Antillius and his soldiers, who were not too far away from Carnagus’s castle. The creature, then, seized Antillius with the talons, bringing him back to the prison. Antillius’s screams were useless; his soldiers were motionless and unable to counteract such wickedness. Yet, few moments after, they marched back to Carnagus’s castle to free their sovereign once again. Carnagus was literally exulting for Antillius’s capture.

At any rate, Daeniel and his soldiers were immediately back, and, pitilessly, entering once again the grimy prison, they killed all Carnagus’s soldiers. Their king was, finally, free. Then, they, quickly, got out of the prison, marching one more time towards their land. Yet, this time the march was safer, and the sky as well as the earth was, carefully, watched. A week after, the journey was concluded. Antillius and his soldiers were back at Kaledon. Yet, once arrived, Antillius cried bitter tears. True, he was happy to be back; nevertheless, his land was now completely destroyed. The day after, Antillius fully recuperated his strength, and he was ready to exercise his power as a king. He summoned up a meeting with his army and all the subjects, who had endured the devastating effects of the war. He cried aloud the name of Kaledon, and he swore revenge on his enemy. Although by nature the good king was not revengeful, this time he felt his duty to revenge his subjects, for all the suffered pain. Immediately they all start working. The town was completely rebuilt; new soldiers came to support the older ones; and the army became the hugest and most powerful army ever known in history. In the valley, the new soldiers were drilled. Daeniel, the head of the army, expected the best from each of them. The ones, who were not enough prepared, could not take part of the army. The risk was too high.

At the same time, Carnagus learnt of Antillius’s escape. His reaction was shattering. All the sentries of the prisons were executed. The defeat was hard to accept. His plan proved to be a complete failure, since the gods helped Antillius’s troops, to find the path towards home. At Kaledon, thus, everything was proceeding well. Daeniel was dexterously drilling all the soldiers, who were now able to face any kind of difficulty. The spirit of the dragon acquiesced with Antillius, offering him protection and help. Gods, unknown nowadays, protected the reign of Kaledon. The dragon was the spiritual guide of the knights during the battles, and it also wisely advised Antillius. Kaledon, reborn from its own ashes, was now ready to move revenge towards Carnagus and towards his army of ‘undead’ people. Antillius, for Kaledon’s sake and for the sake of all the people, carefully planned an effective action, in order to destroy forever all the seeds of evil. The attack was divided in three parts: firstly, Carnagus’s reign, hidden by magical powers, was to be discovered; secondly, Carnagus was to be captured and killed, since his death would mean the death of all his subjects; and, thirdly, the soil, where the evil had been generated, was to be immolated to the Good, to prevent the rebirth of Evil. The task, however, was not easy at all. Everybody knew the high risk of death; but no one gave up.

The war started when Antillius blessed his soldiers, providing them the protection of the gods. The spirit of the dragon was to watch over them. At dawn, all the subjects at Kaledon were still in their houses, resting and ignoring that the great fight was about to break out. In the royal palace, Antillius and Daeniel were checking the war’s plans. Nothing could go wrong. The army was deployed in front of the palace; the soldiers were willing to start the war, waiting, anxiously, at Antillius’s and Daeniel’s orders. The troops started marching when the first rays of the sun illuminated the sky. The first step of the plan was to be accomplished: Carnagus’s reign was to be discovered. After a four-days journey, the army got nearer the death-valley. After having surpassed the thick fog, the troops arrived to one of the many Carnagus’s castles. Carnagus’s second fall was approaching. The troops were bravely marching, and Carnagus’s castle was gradually nearer. Carnagus, thus, asked ‘IT’, the creature generated from Azrael’s belly, to help him, and he succeeded in escaping. Nevertheless, Daeniel noticed his flight, and with his brave warriors he chased after him, finally, capturing him. Antillius’s troops entered the castle, and the good king, was, finally, able to hold Carnagus as a prisoner…