Antillius: The King Of The Light.

Concept Chapter Seven

...all the great kingdoms in history have had a great sovereign, a charismatic guide, a confident leader with a great innate goodness.Well, the Kingdom of Kaledon was certainly none the less.Its sovereign was called Antillius, king of the light. Antillius was born in 1301 by Tanor and Ivesa.Antillius's family were not swimming in gold but, with Tanor's shop, which sold essential items, there was sufficient money to live on.Ivesa never had the need to work, and so little Antillius grew up with a mother always at his side. King Atanos had been recently elected and, because of his scarse generosity, the people in the kingdom of Kaledon were not very well off.The taxes to be paid were high and, for this reason, young Antillius, now an adolescent, was forced to find a job.He found one as a groom where his friend already worked.It was he who recommended him to the boss.His friend was called Carnagus! The pair of them, were very bonded, and they spent whole days together, so much so that shortly after they both left the groom job because, Antillius had enlisted in the royal army, and Carnagus followed him, becoming his trusted esquire.A short time after, an enormous war broke out between northern nations and, the pair of them were obviously called into service. After a few days at war, Carnagus began to be jealous of Antillius's success because, he took all of the merits, and nobody worried about Carnagus who, was just a simple porter.This, together with the stress caused by the war, gave rise in Carnagus the desire to kill his friend, making it seem like an accident of war.Carnagus soon turned against Antillius, who tried in all ways to make him reason, sadly he failed.Soon after, whilest Carnagus tried to hit Antillius, Antillius was forced to defend himself and hit his friend who, collapsed to the ground with a mortal wound.Carnagus, wounded gravely, began to inveigh against Antillius, shouting that this for him was just a new beginning.He started to invoke AZRAEL the lord of darkness! He asked him if he could become his servant in exchange for eternal life and, so it was because shortly after the beginning of the invocation, the evil AZRAEL manifested in all his wickedness.He transformed Carnagus into his wicked servant, making him a non dead.Antillius lost consciousness and …Carnagus, shouting and promising revenge disappeared into nothing, following his new master! Several years later, Antillius, who in the meantime had become king Atanos's first knight, was walking the streets of the kingdom, when he saw the shape of a woman in the distance who was approaching more and more.Once in front of her, he asked her who she was and what she was doing all alone but, he understood straight away that there wa something strange about her.The woman was possessed by some evil spirits, and she was there to kill him.He soon found out that she had been sent by Carnagus to kill him but, the goodness in the young woman's heart, prevented her to complete her task.Antillius freed her from evil and gave her,in accordance with the king, accommodation within the kingdom.Her name was Elisabeth, and she was beautiful.The two soon fell in love, and they got married after only three months of engagement. Old age carried away king Atanos who,only had daughters and so, the choice for the new king fell upon his trusted first knight.Antillius was incoronated king of Kaledon 3 days after king Atanos's funeral with great acclaim from all the subjects.Antillius was to make the kingdom of Kaledon, more grand and majestic as ever.The taxes wanted by his predecessor were abolished, and he granted a house to who didn't have one.He made sure that everyone had a decent job to live by.Although the former king hadn't let his subjects want for nothing, the memory of his kingdom was torn away as soon as they spoke of Antillius's doing.Unfortunately his election was followed by the premature death of Elisabeth who, was taken ill suddenly by an incurable illness which, took her away from her love in just a few days.None of his doctors were able to do anything for her. It was custom for Antillius to give an impressive party every year in his palace where, all the subjects used to go.King Antillius in particular, couldn't wait for the party that year becaused he had commissioned a new sword by his trusted smith, Altor. He had asked for a new sword to replace the previoue one which, he had had from before becoming king Atanos's first knight. Altor presented himself at the palace with conciderable advance, thia didn't upset Antillius at all on the contrary…He made him enter the throne room straight away and, he impatiently asked him to show him the sword.Altor took away the sheet which covered the sword, and he skowed it to the king who, breathless held it in his hand and lifted it up to the sky.He praised his trusted smith for various minutes, and to thank him he offered him the possibility to move directly into the palace with his shop. A few days later the kingdom was invaded by a sudden fog, and a terrible attack by monstrous creatures, set fire to the kingdom.Antillius understood straight away that it was Carnagus's doing, and soon fell prey to discouragement.Many people were killed and many caught.Without realizing it, he found himself prisoner in a mobile prison for him only pulled by horses which, walked towards the enchanted woods next to other carts. A non dead guard of Carnagus opened up a time passage and made all the carts enter inside.The passage in the tunnel was an undescribable and traumatizing experience but, the really bad news was waiting for them out of the tunnel. Once out, they were taken to Carnagus's castle, where they found out that the tunnel was a passage which led them to a parallel dimension and that, passing it, even if for those inside it only a few minutes passed, in the human dimension, 4 years passed.At home it was 1380. They were all taken to Carnagus's prisons, where Daeniel and his soldiers soon started to study a plan to escape and, after just a few days, they were ready to make their escape.They left Antillius in prison until they could first return home and take possession of the castle.They didn't want to risk losing their beloved king during an attempt to escape.They will return to get him. Several months passed by before they showed themselves on the inside of Carnagus's prisons.Daeniel's soldiers had returned home thanks to the help of the Dragon,they had taken back possession of the kingdom, and now they were back, straight after, in the valley of death to free the other subjects and king Antillius.The king was very thin, his hair and beard were very long, his condition was critical but, when he saw his friends, the life went back into him.He was ready to escape with them.Daeniel and the others, freed the king from his prison, and they headed out of the castle, passing through a gap opened in the surrounding wall in front of the cells.Finally they were out. As soon as Carnagus's guards realized that the prisoners had escaped, and as soon as the evil king knew, he invoked the help of his master Azrael. Carnagus asked Azrael to help him recapture Antillius and, the evil creature, agreed to help him by generating from his stomach, a creature called IT who, flew immediately towards the enchanted woods.Antillius and Daeniel had remained a bit behind compared to his subjects who, had been freed first so, IT reached their position and, with a feline leap grabbed Antillius by a leg and lifted him into the air.He took him back to the valley of death in front of Carnagus who was there waiting for him. Carnagus seemed satisfied with the second capture of Antillius but, an instant after Daeniel reached him again by horse, he quickly killed all of Carnagus's guards, he took back his exhausted friend who was lying on the ground, and he finally took him to safety. After a few days of travelling Antillius and the others made a return home.At the same time Antillius was taken by an attack of crying with happiness and discouragement.Being home made him happy but, seeing his kingdom destroyed caused him much pain. He immediately began to build, with Daeniel's help, a new and mighty army to have revenge with his enemy Carnagus.Revenge wasn't an emotion known to the good king but, in this case he decided to put apart his good side, creating the biggest army ever.Carnagus would pay for all the evil that he had done. The big army left for the valley of death, led by Daeniel and Antillius.The big dragon let Antillius know that all of them would have its protection for this mission.The plan of battle was divided into 3 phases.Find Carnagus's kingdom which, every time was hidden by the malefics of his evil wizards, capture and kill the wicked king, and in the end bless the cursed ground so as to block the new birth of evil. They arrived in the valley of death after a few days of march, they surrounded and invaded Carnagus's castle with extreme military precision.The evil king asked It to help him run away but Daeniel's troops captured him and led him, as a prisoner, to the throne room where, he would meet Antillius face to face. Separately, Antillius, confided to Daeniel his desire to have him as his successor after his death. He told him that his wife had died before giving him a child and therefore he didn't have heirs.Daeniel was like a son to him, so it was the logical choice.Whilest the good king confided, there were two voltures sent by Azrael to spy on the two.Once Azrael knew the news, he communicated everything to Carnagus who, prepared to take the fearless general once off his guard. Antillius and Daeniel went to Carnagus's throne room and, after Carnagus tried to draw Daeniel onto his side, the fearless general hit Carnagus to death, by cutting off his head.The death of the evil sovereign, immediately caused the end of the non dead troops. At this point Antillius disclosed to the troops his decision about his successor, and there was a great feast in the valley of death.There was one last point to germinate the plan of battle. They started the operation of blessing the earth immediately but, as soon as the holy water touched the ground, hundreds of infernal creatures came out of the ground, and finally Azrael himself manifested. A terrible battle began in the sky and on the ground.Azrael started to throw darts of fire onto the ground fighters and unfortunately, one of the darts hit Antillius right in the chest.Daeniel realized straight away that his friend was injured, he moved him to a sheltered area and, tried to provide relief in the best way.Unfortunately Antillius was badly wounded and... he was only able to find the strength to make his friend promise to avenge all this evil. Antillius died a hero on the battle-field, during the battle of the titans, during the blessing of the evil ground.His funeral took place the next morning in a valley not far from the battle-field.And thus the greatest king ever passed away, killed by the hate and anger of wicked creatures who wanted nothing but what he had been able to build.Love and joy.