Chapter one: The destruction.

Concept Chapter One

It was the year 1376 and on a valley of northern England stood one of the most imposing and flourishing reigns ever seen before. In the reign of Kaledon all the subjects owned a respectable job and a house, where they were allowed to live in peace with their families. Kaledon, indeed, was a very rich reign, where no sufferance or social discrimination ever existed. In this grand realm all the people, except the king, were considered with no distinction. All the jobs, from the carpenters up to the loyal guards of the king, were judged as necessary, in order to make Kaledon the most powerful reign of England.

However, this kind of welfare did not develop since the very beginning. Indeed, everything started 19 years before, when Antillius, hailed by everybody as the “good king”, became the new king of Kaledon. Antillius was elected after many years of war, of pain and hardships. After the election, the good king did everything in his power to re-establish prosperity, turning Kaledon into a true heaven on earth. Antillius succeeded in everything, and he soon became the hero of all the inhabitants of Kaledon. Everybody loved him; everybody appreciated his effort to present himself first as a man, and then as a sovereign, especially in a period of selfish despots, who did not care about other people’s lives.

Antillius’ task was to bring peace and love everywhere in Kaledon, facing all the people’s needs and troubles. Antillius was also the head of a very powerful army, which was led by the brave Daeniel, the chief of the knights since the election of Antillius. The good king treated Daeniel as his son. Antillius and Daeniel, in fact, respected each other, and they always agreed in all the decisions, which were to be taken. The kingdom of Kaledon was backed by one of the strongest army of England; at any rate, luckily no wars were threatening peace and stability at the moment... Not very far from Kaledon, the wicked king Carnagus had his castle within the dark wood. He was known as the king of the “not –dead” people, and as the biggest enemy of Antillius. The wicked king hated Antillius, for he was at the head of Kaledon, a place of peace and prosperity since the beginning of his rule.

Nevertheless, Carnagus was hopeless full of hate because he was without a soul. All his soldiers and subjects, indeed, were without a soul. Everybody under his power automatically became a creature of the night without soul and free will! Since the very first days of Antillius’ rule, Carnagus, realizing the increasing power of Kaledon, started planning an invasion to exterminate the kingdom, and to establish his evil rule. Despite all, Carnagus was not aware of the fact that he could not attain any kind of happiness anywhere, anytime. Moreover, he would never be able to give more to his wicked subjects. Creatures without a soul were not able, and would never be able, to have feelings inside; so, they were doomed to watch at happiness without really feeling it! Carnagus’ distorted vision of life brought to a plan to invade Kaledon: once everything was totally exterminated, he was ready to seize Antillius’ power. He summoned up all the wizards, asking them to find a way to take by surprise the strong army of Kaledon. After many conjectures, the wicked wizards, finally, decided to put a spell on Kaledon, enclosing it within thick walls of fog. The fog was meant to help Carnagus’ army, finding Antillius’ army completely unprepared.

When night fell, Carnagus decided to start all operations, lining up the not-dead soldiers, and commanding the wizards to pronounce the spell. In the night, the attack started... Kaledon was, thus, enclosed within thick walls of fog, and the royal guards immediately informed the king. Antillius gave the alarm, ordering the army to act with circumspection. But no precaution was to be enough; our soldiers were completely doomed by the fog. There was no visibility, and it was getting colder and colder. Any movement of the body was almost impossible. After a while, the first troops of Carnagus arrived, sowing panic and terror. All the people, who refused to obey to the orders of the not-dead soldiers, were brutally murdered. So, after some effort of rebellion, the inhabitants of Kaledon gave up, and Carnagus ordered their imprisonment in his crumbling castle. Taken by surprise, king Antillius, the chief of the army Daeniel, and some royal guards were also imprisoned. Meanwhile, Kaledon was falling apart under the brutality of Carnagus, who was now on the throne.

At the same time, in the prisons of the wicked king, The Kaledon’s army succeeded to escape. They struggled with the few guards outside the prison, they went out, but, then, they realized that the path towards home had been erased. The wizards’ spell had made all the places around unrecognizable. It was impossible, hence, to find out Kaledon, to take it back. Months passed; researches were useless. Eventually, the knights of Kaledon decided to conjure up the Spirit of the Dragon, to take back their powers.Pronouncing the spell, the dragon helped the brave men of Antillius. Once again, they were strong, tough and ready to face new struggles and dangers. The Dragon was the divinity, which protected Kaledon, and it was also the great advisor of king Antillius.Despite the help of the mighty Dragon, Kaledon was hard to find.

One year was already passed, since the escape from the prisons of Carnagus.The knights of the good king were to give up, when, suddenly, the gods of the sky decided to help the heroes. In a moment, a striking and sparkling path opened the sky, guiding in few days our soldiers to the destroyed and barren Kaledon.Once the path towards home was found, some messengers were sent to the prisons of Carnagus to inform Antillius. Perfectly disguised, the messengers entered the prisons, bringing the good news to the tired good king. Heard the news, Antillius thought at the devastated land of Kaledon as a place to strengthen his army. It was the time to finally defeat his biggest enemy. But they were only abstract projects. First of all, Antillius and the others needed to be liberated. Therefore...